We Begin Again. Are You Ready? - The Q Files Season 3

2 years ago

We begin again. Are you ready?

In season one, we took you on many adventures - we conducted seances, hunted ghost trains, sought out demons and even dug up the dead. In season 2, we ate our way through the weird, chatted with mysterious celebrities, and magically solved a 180 year old murder mystery.

But we were just getting started.

Now, on The Q Files Season 3, we’re going to fully embrace the notion that the phenomenon is aware of our adventures and pushing us to discover even more.

The Q Files is a personal, purposeful, paranormal podcast about the highly strange and weirdly unknown. Join us on our queer adventures as we explore the people, places, and phenomena, outside popular consciousness.

The Q Files documentary series features astonishing stories about the paranormal, the supernatural, occulture, forgotten history, and the strange.

Be Weird. Stay Curious. These are The Q Files.

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