S1E14 - The Crosswick Monster

4 years ago

This paranormal adventure has Shane and Lori exploring the legend of The Crosswick Monster - a mysterious cryptid from Ohio.

Cryptids are animals that have not been proven to exist - like Bigfoot. However, as you'll learn, the cryptid from Crosswick is a reptilian monster that was seen by many folks before mysteriously vanishing.

Be Weird. Stay Curious.

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Your hosts, Shane McClelland and Lori Gum, are curious explorers of the weird and strange. They co-created the hit series 'Queer Ghost Hunters' and together with their team of paranormal experts explore the strange, the unknown, and the phenomena outside popular consciousness.

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The music in this episode was provided by 'Sounds Like An Earful' and is titled: "Suspicion Rising," "Greed," and "Grit"