Finding Hester Foster

1 year ago

This week, we explore the story of Hester Foster. In what may be our most important episode to date, and one that will undoubtedly rewrite the history books, we tell you the story of Hester's life. In our attempts at contacting her spirit by investigating a building she is said to haunt, we make a miraculous discovery that leads us down some surprising paths and eventually solves a nearly 200 year old mystery.

Hester Foster was a 19-year-old, African-American woman, or so the official story goes, who was not only the first woman executed by the state of Ohio but along with William Clark, the first person EVER put to death upon the gallows that once stood at the intersection of the southwest corner of Mound and 2nd St in downtown Columbus.  It is estimated that between 12-20,000 people came to see her hang by the neck until dead on February 9th, 1844  but... did they have any clue who this woman really was?  Did they even care? And beyond the cursory mentions of her in several Ohio history books and newspapers, it seems that absolutely no one, knows her story or even how her life ended in such notorious fashion. 

We decided it was high time... to find... the real Hester Foster.

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