Told After Supper

A Very Victorian Ghost Story

2 years ago

This year, for our annual spooky holiday episode, we're diving into a very victorian ghost story - Told After Supper by Jerome K. Jerome. Told After Supper is a collection of short stories, all told on Christmas Eve. To help us tell the tales, we invited a few friends to join us. In this holiday haunts treat, you'll hear from Cam Gibson, John E.L. Tenney, and Michelle Belanger.

So, Gather 'round, get comfortable, light a fire and make some hot chocolate (maybe add some peppermint vodka to it), and ask your friends to join you in listening from wherever they are.

Cam Gibson will share Teddy Biffles' Story. You may know Cam from her podcast Old Gods of Appalachia. You can find Cam on social media under Cammycat.

John E.L. Tenney will share Mr. Coombe's story. You may know John from his podcast, What's Up, Weirdo, his many lectures and books, or even from TV. You can find John on social media under JohnELTenney.

Michelle Belanger will share My Uncle's Story. You may know Michelle from their many books or the shows Paranormal State and Portals to Hell. You can find Michelle on social media under SethAnikeem

Lori and Shane will share the part of the narrator.

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