Doctoring the Devil - Appalachian Folk Magic with Jake Richards

3 years ago

On this weeks magical show, we'll be discussing Appalachian folk magic with Jake Richards. Jake is an expert practitioner of Appalachian folk magic and the author of "Backwoods Witchcraft" and his latest, "Doctoring the Devil: Notebooks of an Appalachian Conjure Man". To celebrate having Jake on the show, we're also hosting a giveaway where you can potential receive a copy of "Doctoring the Devil" AND a set of Jake's brand new conjure cards.

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American folk magic comes in all shapes and sizes and is found in every region of the U.S. - Appalachian folk magic is part of that melting pot of superstitions, energy, and spiritual will. Created as our ancestors moved to the United States, their various folk magic practices intertwined and sometimes mixed with each other and the practices of Native Americans and oftentimes that of enslaved people as well.

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