S1E13 - Stigmata Minisode Update

4 years ago

An exciting update to our last episode - Stigmata. This paranormal minisode includes a riveting find by Lori, and a supernatural question from Shane. If you have any additional finds or thoughts of your own, please let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

We encourage you to listen to our full Stigmata episode before this, if you have not. From last week's spooky stigmata episode:

Stigmata is the supernatural appearance of wounds that mimic the wounds of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.

If coronavirus/covid-19 has you staying home and avoiding others, if you've already binged the Tiger King Joe Exotic 17 times, join Shane and Lori on an exciting paranormal adventure that travels through time exploring occurrences of stigmata.

In this supernatural Easter themed episode of The Q Files, we'll discuss the history of stigmata and share the stories of modern stigmatists, Cloretta 'Cocoa' Robinson and Rhoda Wise.

Be Weird. Stay Curious.

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The music in this episode was provided by 'Sounds Like An Earful' and is titled: "Just One Last Thing"